Rilès הורדה שירים

הורדת שירים, לאחרונה תחום שירים להורדה התפתח וגרם למשתמשים רבים לבצע פעולה זאתי בכדי הורדה להנאות משירים על מחשביהם האישי ללא צורך שירים. צורך זה התפתח בעזרת התפתחות האינטרנט
Rilès Kacimi, born 4 January 1996, better known by his stage name Rilès, is a French rapper, songwriter, composer and record producer from Rouen (FR). His music video "Brothers" has reached 28 million views and his music video "I Do It" reached 19 million views on YouTube. Rilès released an album, Vanity Plus Mind (2015), and in 2016 he decided to release one song per week every Sunday for a year. In 2017 he organised a concert tour in France, during which he performed at the Bataclan in Paris[1] twice, then at the Zenith of Rouen.
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